Cultivation of Talents


The College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering aims to cultivate innovative talents with international vision and positive attitude, adhering to the modern education concept research-guided, student-centered, teacher-led and the college motto conduct oneself, finish the task, and engage in research. CUAE has established good relationships in talent cultivation and cooperative research with many foreign universities and research institutes from the United States, Russia, France, Canada, Belgium, South Korea, Norway and Ukraine.In 2015, CUAE’s joint doctoral program with Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) was approvedto be the International Cooperative Training Program for innovative talents of China Scholarship Council, and the joint undergraduate programs with Le Mans University (France) and Auckland University (New Zealand)were approved to be the National Excellent Undergraduate Joint Project. Since 2013, the college has sent 14 teachers to top universities abroad as visiting scholars, jointly trained 59 students with foreign universities and supported 133 teachers and students to participate in high-level international conferences. CUAE has successfully hosted the 5th International Symposium on Acoustic Engineering and Technology and a COA 2016 International Symposium on Ocean Acoustics, which has high reputation and significant impact on the field of international underwater acoustic technology.

Over the years, nearly 80% of the students graduated from CUAE work in underwater acoustic engineering or related fields. They are praised by employers for their solid theoretical foundation, strong practical ability, good adaptability, full of potential and other merits. Over 60% of the high-level leadership and key technical figures in the field of underwater acoustics in China graduated from CUAE. College graduates have won five national excellent doctoral dissertation awards and nomination awards. Now, there are 524 graduate students (107 of them pursue the doctoral degrees, 417 of them pursue the master’s degrees), and 743 undergraduates. In the past five years, the employment rate of graduate students is 100%. Graduates mainly work in underwater acoustic industry, marine, aerospace, aviation, electronics and related research institutes, naval technology management departments, large domestic and foreign communications companies, IT companies, and well-known universities at home and abroad.

In order to further promote the sustainable development of underwater acoustic education and attract more outstanding students to choose this career, CUAE set up an Underwater Educational Fund in August 2010, aiming to award the outstanding undergraduate students, potential graduate students and students in the master-doctor combined program in the college. Up to now, the Underwater Educational Fund has received total donation of 3.48 million yuan from 19 enterprises and institutions in different regions of the country.

After the long-term development and construction, CUAE has now established a talents cultivation system with complete tiers of “undergraduate - mater’s - doctoral - post-doctoral” educations, and balanced development of engineering and science, which can satisfy the needs for different levels of talents in underwater acoustic engineering from national marine industry.