“2018, greater development momentum, greater development expectations” -----Jingwei Yin, Dean of the College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering (CUAE)

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An Episode When Celebrating the New Year’s Coming

 “The fishing net under the ice surrounded the equipment. We brought the fish up. Red carp shows good omen and bumper harvest year on December 29, 2017, Jingwei Yin, sent a message in WeChat Moments. The big carp carried by the under ice acoustic experiment particularly represented his summing up of the work in 2017 and the expectations for 2018.

One of the Most Fulfilling Things

  In 2017, the number of awards won and the number of participants of CUAE in the college students' scientific and technological innovation competitions were greatly improved. On the other hand, the percentage of recommended postgraduate students who chose to stay in HEU is 78%, ranking first in the colleges of science and engineering in the university.

The Most Motivating Story of a Team’s Striving

‘Deep sea high-precision underwater acoustic integrated positioning technology’ is selected as ‘Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress in Universities’.

This award is the result of the team’s hard work for eight years. Over the past eight years, Professor Dajun Sun led the team to conquer the key technologies in deep sea high precision positioning such as ultra-short baseline positioning, integrated positioning of ultra-short baseline array on the surface of sea and positioning of long baseline array distributed on the seabed, and have solved the difficult problem of asynchronous high-precision positioning with large time delay caused by slow ocean sound speed and platform movement.

Expectation for 2018

We hope that the marine information subject can become a first-level subject of national education. In the future, we will further combine the strength of our brother universities and industries to urge the Ministry of Education to pay attention to this issue. At the same time, we will fully utilize the advantages of underwater acoustics and promote the development of marine information.